Q and A with Karan Johar regarding Tyaani

April 13,2018  

Q and A with Karan Johar regarding Tyaani
Our culture and heritage in India is driven by our love for jewellery and the feelings it emanates. Jewellery is a way of showing love among families and friends and celebrating auspicious occasions..........

1). These days the jewellery market is flooded. What makes Tyaani unique?                               

Ans. Our culture and heritage in India is driven by our love for jewellery and the feelings it emanates. Jewellery is a way of showing love among families and friends and celebrating auspicious occasions. At Tyaani we want to take those sentiments and make it available to women everywhere, irrespective of their age and background.

With unbelievably affordable price points, Tyaani creates a niche for itself in the Fine Jewellery market. We are extremely customer focused and believe in providing complete transparency about the jewellery-making process. The team at Tyaani is very driven and passionate about the art of jewellery-making and we handle everything right from the design and manufacturing to the packaging.

2). Give us a brief about your journey so far.

Ans. Initially when Shravan Satyani came and met me, the whole idea was to collaborate on something that was larger than life as a Collection, more like wedding trousseau which had ornate and elegant designs - that kind of stuff. Satyani has always been known for their exceptional jewellery, so with Tyaani which is a glorious extension of the brand, the idea was to make it more contemporary, fashion forward and fashion fast, something that everybody can wear, and knows is within reach. It has been a challenging journey journey given how disorganised the Polki sector is. But with Shravan Satyani’s expertise and passion, we have been able to bring complete transparency to our processes as mentioned previously.

3). Polki Jewellery is usually considered a high-end item, can you shed light on your starting and existing price point?

Ans. The aim at Tyaani is to change exactly that notion! No one knows both the karigar and the consumer better than the team at Tyaani. We are customer focused not only in our designs, but pricing as well. The aim of the line at Tyaani is to make Jadau Jewellery, which is currently seen as an uber luxury, accessible to all.

Not only are people looking for jewellery that acts as an extension of their style and personality, but the new generation is looking to acquire luxury goods in all spheres. With intricate, ethno-contemporary designs and price points ranging from INR 25,000/- to INR 3,50,000/- Tyaani hopes to tap the youth and working class as well as capture a fair chunk of market space over the next few years. We also understand how important it is for customers to know about what goes into making their fine jewellery and hence, Tyaani discloses the details about what goes into making their jewellery, along with full elements of pricing..

4). What are the 5 must have jewelry pieces for a young bride?

Ans. The idea of the  “young bride” is the epitome of India’s love for jewellery. When I think of her, she’s not the shy woman who sits in a corner and covers her face, but instead I see her as this confident and sure woman with her eye on her ambition. So for the young bride/her, her style choices aren’t just an extension of her beauty, but stand as a statement of everything she has achieved, as well as the exciting path ahead of her. For jewellery, this translates into glamourous Chandbalis that pair beautifully even with western attire. A Maangtikka is a must-have of course, but apart from these - cocktail Rings, Chokers and Kadas.

5). They say less is more with jewelry - do you like it if  women go understated with jewelry? Why?

Ans. I mentioned previously about how Indian Jewellery is generally perceived as overwhelming and only to be worn for special occasions. This doesn’t mean that it’s not gorgeous. For me,the image of the Indian woman clad in her finest jewellery pieces is absolutely stunning, but styles are constantly changing and I want to change the notion that jewellery is meant only for traditional events or annual occasions.

I think the way you carry your jewellery also depends on the situation. If it’s jewellery for an everyday look, then you need to choose silhouettes and styles that complement the jewellery you’re wearing and not clash with it. It’s also really important to remember that no matter what you’re wearing and how you choose to carry your accessories, it has to be an extension of your personality.